It is a well-known fact that most, if not all yachts over a certain size have a multitude of items in storages that costs money every month.

Most of these items are in good condition, some even new and many may never be used by the yacht again.

Riviera CBAY is the creative solution to this problem!

We will collect, store, sell and ship these items. Instead of losing money, our service will convert these unwanted and unused items into money.

Riviera CBAY will handle all shipping and logistics and will keep you updated on every step of the process.

Our 260m² safe and dry storage facilities in the Trois Moulin area next to the Antibes autoroute exit is also ideal for traditional storage.

Riviera CBAY is now introducing an á la carte storage service and bespoke logistic service which will enable you to pick up the phone and select which of your items you need and we will deliver them to the destination of your choice immediately!

Please call us today for more information or to schedule a pick up!

info@riviera-cbay.com +33 610 31 60 74

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