How It Works

Thank you for your interest in Riviera Cbay! Please find below a guideline and relevant information of how to proceed with selling your items with us.


  • Make sure that the items are in a presentable and working condition.
  • Try to establish an asking price for each item.
  • Select one of the contracts below, complete the form, and email back to us.
  • Schedule a pick up time for Cbay to collect your items.          

Once the item(s) arrive to our warehouse at Trois Moulin, Antibes, we will proceed to itemize, research and photograph all your items. You will receive an inventory back from us with notes and a recommended selling price. At this stage please feel free to alter any of the prices, once these are agreed upon then we will proceed to upload the item(s) onto the Cbay website and through our Social Media network.

Depending on the nature and quality of your items, we may also post them on other external sales sites such as our Ebay and Le Boncoin professional stores that can also be useful in marketing and selling your items. Please note that there may be fees involved in using other websites that will be passed on to you, these will be shown to you after every sale. Rest assured that we are selling more than 90% of all items through our website.

If need be, we will wrap and protect your items and position them in our secure and dry designated storage area, we can also put your item on display at the warehouse for visiting customers to view.

Riviera Cbay is responsible for all marketing as explained above, all viewings to prospective buyers, monthly reports back to you, payment handling and all shipping and transport once your item has been sold. Once sold and we have received payment for your item, it will appear on your Client dashboard where you will have the ability to transfer that money to the account of your choice.

It’s that easy!

Call or email us to schedule a pick up.

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