CONDITION: 2016, Like new.
Comes with control panel, all cables and accessories.

The Coastal 18 is small in size, but big on features with Sea Tel’s superior quality and performance in satellite television at sea. It has a compact 18” dish that is perfect for small yachts, with a wide coverage range while maintaining a compact size. The Coastal 18 features a 2-axis stabilization system with enhanced reception that rivals most 24” systems.

A small, lightweight antenna with a classic, clean design and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition. Sea Tel’s Coastal 18 features a wide coverage range and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition. Other features include DVB (digital video broadcasting) signal identification, Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software, plus high-performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather. The Coastal 18 will support multiple receivers and its programming extends worldwide.