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Powerdive snorkel system

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Power Dive’s free-floating Power Snorkel allows you to buddy dive to 6 metres with family and friends for more than an hour on the 35 a/h battery. There are no tanks to carry or refill and, after your dive, simply recharge or exchange the battery and do it all again!

Power Snorkeling is safe and great fun for all the family, and the Power Diver Power Snorkel makes it easier than ever. Simply turn on your Power Diver Power Snorkel, then Slip on your mask, fins and weight belt and dive right in!
Number of divers: One or Two.
Maximum depth: 1 diver to 12M (39.6FT), 2 divers to 6M (19.8FT).
Dive Duration: 50 – 70 mins.
Setup time: 2 – 3 minutes.
Operating Amps: 24 Amps.
Operating Voltage: 12vDC
Weight: 35kg including hoses and battery (77lbs).
System comprises: PowerSnorkel Compressor Unit, Snorkel/Float/Flag, Battery, Air Reservoir, 2 Regulators with Dive Harness, Gear Bag, Battery, Hoses: 1m (pump to reservoir), 6m (reservoir to y-piece), 6m with Y-piece (to diver 1), 6m (to diver 2).

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Dive duration:
50 – 70 minutes
Operating amps:
12 amp
Operating voltage:
12 V
Setup time:
2 – 3 minutes
4 cfm
Operating pressure:
25 psi
35 kg (including hoses and battery)